Anne-Sophie Pic

Best female chef in the world 2011

Anne-Sophie Pic, the world’s best female chef, creates for us a range of meals for everyday consumption. For ChefCuisine, she uses all her experience and creativity to invent delicious and healthy recipes, sometimes using the simplest, but always top quality ingredients. She rigorously selects and controls each supplier and raw material.

Her aim is to make her culinary art available to a wider audience for tastier and healthier eating every day.

Anne-Sophie Pic
Best female chef in the world 2011

From father to daughter

Anne-Sophie Pic is the fourth generation of great chefs based in Valence, France; a line of Culinary artists. She is already the 3rd generation to receive the prestigious distinction of 3* Michelin.

The only female 3* chef of france

In 2007, she received this distinction and in 2011 she is elected Best Female Chef in the World. And yet, Anne- Sophie claims just to be a cook who loves her work.

The PIC group

Together with her husband, David Sinapian, she is heading the gastronomic *** “Anne-Sophie Pic” restaurant; the Hotel “La Maison Pic” ***** Relais & Châteaux; the Bistrot “André”; the gourmet canteen “Daily Pic”; The “Scook” cooking school; the “Anne-Sophie PIC”** restaurant at the Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne; and, the * “La Dame de Pic” in Paris.

“ Know how to dream the dish ”

Anne-Sophie Pic
A unique sensitivity

The affirmative expression of a culinary territory!

Novel, harmonious association of flavours, the strength of tastes, the delicacy of expression summarise the culinary world of Anne-Sophie Pic. For her, a dish reveals itself through varying sensory emotions at every single bite.

A women on the kitchen

Her femininity permeates the dishes which she elaborates as well as her mode of expression in the culinary world.

Generosity and openness

Anne-Sophie Pic shows her taste for sharing through various initiatives. It is the case with her various endeavours, from the Scook school opened in Valencia for adults and children or actions carried out with sick children as part of its foundation “Donnons du Goût à l'Enfance”.

“ Taste is emotion, as simple as this !”

Anne-Sophie Pic
A visionary approach

Eating well - everyday! slow food for fast people!

For Anne-Sophie Pic innovation is at the service of her creativity. She tirelessly promotes the notion of educating people on tastes and flavours of good healthy food in everyday life. Now, she combines her techniques and passion to create the principle of SLOW FOOD FOR FAST PEOPLE in a desire to share and promote the art of French cuisine.

Culinary revolution

ChefCuisine is a totally new concept of chef quality ready prepared meals, delivered to your home. Thanks to the three ranges designed for every day or for special occasions, everyone can enjoy home-made seasonal dishes prepared with natural ingredients sublimated by the recipes of an exceptional creator.

“I have always been concerned with this desire to make french culinary art more accessible”
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