Chefcuisine cooker

The water and steam combination provides accurate gentle reheating to maintain optimal taste and texture.

The perfect reheating

Every meal component is softly and slowly reheated with the exactly right time and temperature.

This sophisticated control ensures preservation of optimal taste and texture during the reheating process. At the same time, it also maintains the outstanding nutritional composition of our meals.

Professional cooking at home

Often, prepared micro-waved dishes are single containers where the ingredients are mixed. All are subject to the same cooking time which can result in severe reheating, whatever tastes are left are mixed to unappealing, unsavoury mixtures.

ChefCuisine however, separately controls the cooking of each part of the dish to ensure all parts cooked and reheated to perfection and ready at the same time. Yet each part is cooked with a different heating profile; all in a single click. This is why ChefCuisine meals take prepared meals to a new level.

Automatic recognition system
of the recipes

Simple to use, each compartment accepts a single part of the complete dish.

Each compartment recognises the part of the meal to be cooked and adjusts heating profile to suit. For example, chicken fillet, slow cooked with wild “Voatsiperifery” pepper will complete cooking when the core has reached 63°C , being careful to ensure the surface is not over cooked, whereas turnip puree and date chutney require 83°C .

Available in three colours : Black, Vanilla and Aubergine.

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