Precise and gentle cooking

Perfection guarantee

Using the expertise of Anne-Sophie Pic to create exceptional dishes, each component of a meal is cooked at a precise temperature and for the perfect time to obtain the best taste and texture possible. Using only gentle, low temperature cooking methods allows us to preserve optimal nutritional quality.

The accuracy of a dish

Cooking time and temperature, determines the accuracy of a dish. The type of cooking has been chosen for each component and is mastered to the degree and to the minute to preserve or obtain the perfect taste and texture. It is the mastery of this level of precision in cooking that defines great chefs.

Each meal component has its packaging

At Chef Cuisine, we boil, we simmer, we caramelise, we deglaze and we sweat our products. But whatever technique we use, we control time and temperature to the minute and to the degree at the heart of the proteins we are preparing. This guarantees the extraordinary quality of every component in every plate. Mixing them all and reheating in a micro-wave would destroy it all. Therefore, as a first step towards serving the perfect meal in your home, we pack every component separately to conserve their tastes and textures.

The perfect reheating

The Chefcuisine bain-marie steamer allows for gentle and soft reheating. After so much care put into developing recipes, selecting ingredients, cooking to perfection it is essential to reheat without any loss in taste, texture and quality of the food. To guarantee that the dish is not just perfect coming out of our food laboratories, but also in your plate, we had to develop this unique and patented cooker.

The ChefCuisine bain-marie steamer, automatically recognises the ingredients and schedules the perfect reheating process for each item, allowing zero loss in quality compared to the original recipe. The result is a perfectly cooked dish, which will retain all flavours and textures.

the Chefcuisine exclusive cooker