Slow food for fast people

Tasty and balanced ready meals to enjoy whenever

Frais, délicieux et sains

Fresh, delicious and healthy

Taste our premium dishes made with top quality ingredients.

Des goûts et des textures parfaites

Perfect tastes and textures

Slow, gentle, low temperature cooking preserves nutritional goodness.

Recettes equilibrées

Balanced recipes

A nutritionist ensures the perfect balance of our meals.

Développées par la meilleure chef

Developed by the Best Chef

You deserve the best. That's why Anne-Sophie Pic has specially created each recipe for you with that special touch that makes all the difference.

A revolutionary solution for professionally cooked meals

With one simple click, the Chef Cuisine cooker guarantees the dishes will be perfectly reheated.

Commande internet

Simple and fast to order

Order dishes individually or personalise your meal plan in just a few clicks.

Livraison réfrigérée

Home delivery

Delivered to your chosen address, maintaining cold chain integrity.

Plats frais

Fresh dishes

Dishes stay fresh for up to 20 days in your refrigerator.

Prêt en un clic

Ready in a single click

The ChefCuisine bain-marie steamer reheats fresh, delicious and healthy meals from around 13 minutes.

129 £

Cooker Offer

+ 1 ChefCuisine cooker
+ 1 Plating toolkit
+ 6 Everyday meals