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Natural ingredients, free from preservatives, artifical colours and artificial flavourings!

Carefully selected quality ingredients

87% de nos produits sont d’origine européenne

We source vegetables from local producers, located around our manufacturing plant in Sarthe-France to minimise the ecological and transportation impact.

All our beef, pork and poultry are also sourced from France.

ur fish originates from the best fishing zones: North Atlantic, Norway, North Sea and Canada (scallops). Just over half of our fish are wild. For the farmed fish, we demand the highest and most stringent accreditations (MSC and Friends of the Sea) of Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture.


To respect the rhythm of nature, the recipes are prepared with seasonal products which the menu follows. This allows for rediscovering of flavours according to the seasonal harvests.

Balance with nature

Our entire offering is based around the sustainable sourcing of high quality products.

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